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Photos of Martin with his brother, Henry and his Gerdes and Wieking relatives.

L to R: Paul Neumann, Martin Itjen, Henry Wieking (Henry is a son of William and Christine Wieking) sitting at the Water Temple near Niles Canyon in California. The Water Temple is the focus of a massive water distribution system where the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir feeds a source of water to the San Francisco Bay Area

Martin with his Bay Area  family. L to R: Walter Neumann, William Wieking, Anna (Gerdes) Neumann, Christine (Gerdes) Wieking, Maartin, Johanna (Gerdes) Poeller

Martin with Christine (Gerdes) Wieking. Martin and Christine were first cousins. Christine was the grandmother of Bob and Richard Wieking.

Christine is wearing  Martin's buckskin coat, conductor's hat, and gold-nugget watch chain. 1935 visit to the SF Bay Area

L to R: Henry Gerdes, Martin, Ella Gerdes. Henry is a first cousin of Martin and an uncle of Henry Charles Wieking

Henry Hermann Itjen was Martin's brother. He is on the far right in this photo.

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