Alaska Musher Likes Tavern Cakes

Customers entering S-9 (restaurant #9) about 3:30 last Tuesday beheld a strange sight---an old man, sporting the old time walrus moustache, and a watch chain made of gold nuggets worth a thousand dollars.

It seems that Mr. Reis, with a nose for the unusual, sought out Mr. Martin Itjen, owner of the only streetcar in Alaska, to try some of the White Log Tavern cakes. It seems that Mr. Itjen, having heard of Mae West and her invitation to "Comeup'n'seem'some time", took it to include himself, so he converted Alaska's streetcar into an automobile, and came south to see Miss West. And then, after a successful visit, he came north to San Francisco. While in Hollywood, Martin spotted his first White Log Tavern, so while he was down there he took on his first stack of nicely browned griddle cakes.

"Glad you got so many of them here in 'Frisco, " he says, "cause I'm itchin' and hankerin' for 'em all day long. Wish Skagway had some White Log Taverns; one on each end of my car line would be just dandy."

On his return Itjen is expected to teach some of the old sourdoughs up north how to cook a real hot griddle cake.

Photos from Martin's White Log stop

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